Get your friends a $5 discount on tickets to the festival.
Earn $3 every time someone uses your code + earn free tickets.


DO NOT make Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat accounts that could be confused as the official Good Life account. If you choose to make a group, person or page to promote the festival, it must must include your promoter code in the name and the description must state that its not the official event page with a link back to our event pages.
DO NOT spam our official pages with your code. You can ONLY post your code if someone asks for a code or ticket link. If another promoter has already replied, you can no longer reply.


Sign up to promote Good Life and select the box that states “I AM A DJ”. Top 4 Djs in each state win sets at the warehouse events. You must be ages 13 – 18 to be a Good Life DJ PROMOTER. Click here for more info


Promoters are the ambassadors of our events. It’s the job of the promotions team to let everyone they know that Good Life is on and the details of the festival or club tour. It’s really easy to do and anyone can sign up to be a promoter.

Once you sign up, make sure you go to settings and fill in ALL your details and then sign at the bottom, this means we can pay you super quickly once the festival or club tour is over.

On the main page you will see all 4 good life events listed ( 1 for each state), click on the state you want to promote and you can promote by sharing links (which automatically gives your mates the $5 discount), or you can tell people to punch in your promoter code when they buy a ticket to get $5 off. Your promoter codes works across all events, all year long. The same code works for all states.

Every time someone uses your code to buy a ticket, you earn $3.

Your code works for all good life club events, haunted warehouse and festivals. Keep on using the same code.

Once you have signed up, you can log back in at anytime to update your details or check how many times your code/link has been used.


Minimum of 10 people must use your code to qualify as a promoter and get paid.

After the festival is over, you can click the PAY ME button and payment will be issued via Bank transfer 4-6 weeks after the event.
You must enter bank details on your promoter profile by July 1st to be paid. If you do not have a bank account, ask your parents to help set one up or use your parents bank details.


10 tickets sold  = 1 Free ticket
20 tickets sold  = 2 Free tickets
30 tickets sold  = 3 Free tickets
And so on… you can earn a MAX of 10 free tickets.

The Free tickets are sent 2 days before the event via email. You do not need to do anything to claim your tickets, they will come automatically. We will calculate how many tickets and what type of tickets you have earned.


The top 3 promoters in each state get to bring a friend and come on a backstage tour and up onto 1 of our main stages for a photo.




Your job as a promoter is to bring awareness and tell people that DON’T already know about GOOD LIFE MUSIC FESTIVAL, so post on your friends walls to push your code, NOT THE GOOD LIFE FAN PAGE WALL!!!!!!!

Change your COVER PHOTO to the same one as the Good Life has on its Facebook Page.

Visit website forums and other popular FB pages and let them know about the discount with your code.

You can request to have flyers sent out to you from your online promoter sign on page and you can add your personalised promoter code in the white box on the back and hand these out to friends at school, shopping centres or parties.